Compliant Customer Engagements 

Monitor your sales practices, processes and customer fulfillment to stay compliant. 

In the aftermath of a few large banks embarking on issues of selling products to customer undenounced to them, your bank is having to make adjustment to your sales processes, and quickly.

We can help you achieve this change quickly as well as monitor how the new process is working. The compliance monitoring dashboards and customer engagement platform:

  • Ensure the primary focus of all retail bankers will be to meet the customers’ needs
  • Recommend only your products that are relevant to the customers’ needs
  • Know who is out of compliance based on products opened vs recommended
  • Monitor daily compliance status of all branches and employee with the easy to use compliance dashboards

We will be at CBALive demonstrating the powerful new sales compliance monitoring dashboards Monday and Tuesday as well as arranging online demonstrations later in the week. Schedule your time now to see how you can meet the regulatory demands for a more controlled sales environment. 

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